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Send an email to and we’ll try to get back with you as soon as possible. Also, check out the frequently asked questions below. Perhaps you will find your answer there.

For questions about the training method, please check out the special page here with questions asked previously by member. You can also attend our live Q&A-sessions and ask Tristan your questions and send in videos for more specific feedback.

We spread the training material so you get a chance to take the time to go through each module and don’t get overwhelmed by all the training videos you’ll have access to.

That’s why you first have access to ‘getting started’ and ‘module 1.’ After two weeks, you can also access module 2 and two weeks later, module 3.

No, unfortunately that’s not possible.

The videos of the online program (not the replay of TRT live) have Dutch and German subtitles.

If you follow an online training, you will receive several emails. We advise you to whitelist the following two email addresses: and to make sure our emails don’t end up in the spam folder.

Check your spam folder if you don’t see our emails. Also not in your spam folder? Please email us at

Yes you can, but it’s not allowed to do so. In the terms, that you’ve accepted, this is described extensively. Besides, you also have a daily limit of ip-addresses that can login. Do you cross this limit, your account will be blocked temporarily. If this has happened mistakenly, please write to

You can login with a maximum of three devices. This means you can follow the program on your laptop, tablet and for examply your phone. If you surpass this limit, your account will be blocked temporarily. If this has happened mistakenly, please write to

If the video keeps buffering or if it takes a long time to load, then it’s very likely that this has to do with your internet connection. We advise you to shut down other programs to improve your internet speed.

Doesn’t this help? Then alternatively you can click on the chainwheel on the video and select a lower level of quality. The lower the quality of the video, the faster it will load.

You’ll get lifetime access to the online program as long as it exists. You basically get unlimited access for an unlimited amount of time.  Of course we can’t guarantee that the program will exist in its current form in 30 years, but you can expect at least five years after the date of purchase.